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XS – 0 – 4 weeks, S – 1 mo – 5 mo, M – 6 mo – 3 T, L- 4 T – teen, Adult

Introducing the Kraddle Kare Hair Majesty Satin Hair Bonnet – the ultimate solution for protecting your child’s textured hair. Our innovative bonnets utilize the perfect blend of comfort and style, ensuring your child’s hair remains as precious as ever.

Every parent knows how important it is to safeguard a child’s delicate hair from the harsh effects of friction, tangles, and breakage.

Our Hair Majesty Satin Bonnet addresses these concerns with finesse. Crafted from high-quality satin, these bonnets provide a luxurious softness that prevents friction, eliminating the risk of hair damage.

Give your child the royal treatment they deserve with our satin bonnets. The smooth surface reduces friction, allowing hair to glide effortlessly, maintaining its natural shine and texture. No more tears during hair care routines and it’s the perfect introductory bonnet for babies.

BENEFITS: Your little one’s hair will be shielded from the potential harm of cotton pillowcases or bedding. The Hair Majesty Satin Bonnet will become an essential addition to your child’s bedtime routine, ensuring their hair remains healthy, shiny, and tangle-free.

UNIQUENESS: What sets our bonnets apart is not only their exceptional quality but also the care we put into designing them. With an array of delightful colors and patterns, your child will love wearing their bonnet, making bedtime a fun and comfortable experience. Routine wear will promote healthy hair and reduce infant halo balding due to friction and protect hair styles for older children.

Don’t let your child’s hair suffer – choose Kraddle Kare’s Hair Majesty Satin Bonnets for ultimate hair protection. Nourish their locks while they sleep and watch their hair reign with brilliance and health.

Baby Satin Bonnet | Head circumference

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BONNET DESCRIPTION: single-sided Multi Colored African tribal-inspired, a bright array of colors that represent royalty, joy, and power; accompanied by a purple band

AVAILABLE SIZES for this option: xsmall, small, medium, large, & adult. It is best to select your size by using the drop down detail options. Please note that the LARGE bonnet size has changed to add more volume for longer hair/braids and many teens/tweens/adults can fit the large size.

FOR BEST RESULTS the seam should be in the back. We recommend using The Kraddle Kap satin hair bonnet anytime your baby is lying down. However, it can be used as much or as little as you want. Ensure that the band fits your baby’s head snugly each use.

HOW TO WASH: Machine washing on a delicate cycle prior to first use and anytime the bonnet is soiled, dryer safe. Do not bleach and do not wash with fabrics that may snag the satin fabric.

WHEN TO REPLACE: You’ll need to replace your bonnet as your baby grows, the band becomes tight, and the Kraddle Kap no longer fits.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Please contact us asap for returns and exchanges. We are happy to accept your return/exchange in its original condition. We allow one free exchange where you are not charged for shipping fees.

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XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, Adult


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