Growing To Love Your Natural Hair

As you become more educated about your hair, whether it’s natural or processed you will begin to realize that loving it is not always easy.  Loving your natural hair is like being in a relationship and we know that in the beginning it can be a bit challenging. Just as real relationships require time, care, and nurturing so does your hair.  In this series “Growing To Love Your Natural Hair”, I will discuss four phases of bonding with your hair

Phase one:  Attraction

The law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on.  

My hair had been processed in some way or another for the majority of my life. I received my first perm around the age of 11.  Following my perm phase the “wonderful” curl hit the scene. Well, it only took one curl process for me to realize that it was not for me.  I mean the dripping, the smell and the plastic bags, I was not feeling that all so I went back to perms went. Uh, I would much rather deal with a few chemical burns…..right? 

I became educated about the chemical ingredients found in many of the products that I was using regularly, I realized that I could be causing self inflicted harm and i had the evidence to prove it!  Most hair processing products contain high levels of toxins. Some of these toxins include benzene, ammonia, parabens, and so many more.

As my knowledge increased my mindset changed I found myself  wanting to pull away from stuff that could be potentially damaging and dangerous to my health and hair. I began to focus on just how beautiful and versatile natural hair was.  It seemed that every time I attended social events or just out and about I would find myself hair crushing over all of the natural options. Whether it was long, short, curly or straight I found myself ogling.  Reticular activation had set in, it was like everyone was either natural or going natural. Natural hair seemed so empowering and carefree. I was convinced….. I was going natural.

 Now the question was  would I turn this 25 plus years of processed bone straight hair into hair that resembled a Nubian queen. Being a person willing to compliment others was easy so in the pursuit of first hand information I complimented then questioned.  “Your hair is gorgeous, what do you use on it” and “is the struggle really real”. I was conducting my own natural hair poll which also included YouTube, and Google searching. 

Following the desire of your eye often forces you to let go of the comfortable and familiar and take a chance.  Step one for me was to stop chemically processing and gradually get to know my natural hair. Maybe you are considering letting go of chemically treated hair, my suggestion to you would be to treat it like a relationship. Don’t be ashamed to question, question, question, take some time to decide, do the pros out way the cons?

Move towards your attraction. And always remember to always use hair protection, either a satin pillowcase or satin bonnet, I use both and of course I choose Kraddle Kare brand.