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Oils and Water the Perfect Combination

Oils and Water the Perfect Combination

In a last-minute dash to get my daughter ready for school, I realized that I did not have any styling cream.  Yes, I know that you have heard me say “save time in the morning by preparing at night”, but sis, I slipped. My braider canceled unexpectedly and due to the situation  I totally understood.

So in a frenzy, I’m thinking, I can’t send her to school with her hair all over her head. Then the light came on, I have some oils and water, which are two of the main components that we look for in hair products. This is what I did:


  1. Using a spray bottle I spritzed her hair with plain water as I styled each section.  Noticed I said spritzed not wet or soaked. Spritzing allows the water to penetrate the shaft. Hair loves moisture but styling soaked hair can be damaging since it is prone to tangling.
  2. I opted to use coconut oil and a little castor oil for this style.  Although these are not my favorite go-to oils I chose to use them because the coconut oil is lightweight but greasy and the castor oil is thick, go figure.  I applied a small amount of each oil to her scalp and then over the strands (a little goes a long way). Using a paddle brush I smoothed her hair together, brushing to the ends. The oils sealed in the moisture.  
  3. Using about five rubber bands (yes rubber bands) I made five ponytail twists with barrettes on the ends.


Isn’t it funny how you can look back on what you thought was a horrible situation and laugh about how simple the fix was?


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