Black Hairstory

WOW, it’s February the month of Love, the month that we celebrate Black History, and the month we celebrate Kraddle Kare’s birthday. Yes, birthday and not anniversary, we’re a kid friendly company. Valentines day is just one day that we celebrate LOVE. School age children are making their valentine’s day boxes with candy cards while adults are getting ready for some adult play.

Kraddle Kare | Black Hairstory

Men are busy making dinner reservations and women spend so many hours shopping and at the salon getting their hair and nails done for this special occasion. And you better believe that I am wearing my Kraddle Kap bonnet to bed on Valentine’s night because I’m not messing up my hair.

Remember studying about Black History in grade school? And the pictures in the textbooks showing women in the cottonfields with a scarf covering their hair? We’ve been protecting our hair with head garments for so long and it’s important for us not to forget the hair scarf evolution and its purpose. It was used to keep our ancestor’s natural hair protected while being in unfavorable working conditions. But you have to admit that it is super stylish seeing how the hair scarf turned into a cute accessory. Now, there’s so many different hair scarves, turbans, bonnets, and kaps just for us to use.

So, Kraddle Kare would like to pay homage to our ancestors for teaching us the importance of hair care. Visit www.kraddlekare.com to take advantage of our February specials and remember to Protect Your Hair With Kraddle Kare.


Love Always,

 Kraddle Kare

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