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Welcome Back To School! 

Hi everyone!

If you’re like me, then you’re getting ready for back-to-school.  But, how does saving extra 30 minutes EVERY morning before school sound to you? 

If you like the sound of this then I have the perfect ideas to help you save that time before work & school. Because let’s be honest, everyone needs that extra time to get back into the flow of things.   

Here are our 5 tips on saving yourself 30 minutes every morning until you get back into the swing of things.

 1. First, it is a good idea for you to start practicing your back-to-school bedtime routines. Why?  Because a less tired kid is a less cranky kid in the mornings.  And… it is important for your kids to have adequate sleep that they need to function properly during school.

2. Secondly, have everything ready the night before.  Gather your kids’ clothes and make sure that they are ready to wear.  This means ironing the clothes at night if necessary.  This tip saves time by eliminating the confusion on what to wear to school in the morning.  

3. To save time looking for things every morning, pre-pack your lunch boxes and backpacks.  Don’t forget to lay out the money for the kids that eat cafeteria food at school. 

4. Next, I know some people enjoy giving baths before and after school but honestly, one bath a day for younger kids is probably good enough. So, give that bath at nighttime to make them more relaxed before bed.

5. Finally, make sure that their hair is already combed for the week. Weekly hairstyles saves extra time in the morning especially if dad get them off to school.

Bonus tip!  Wear your Kraddle Kap satin bonnet every night to save you time every morning.  The bonnet will keep your hair moisturized, maintain your hairstyle, and eliminates bed-head in the morning.

      If it’s time to replace your Kraddle Kap Satin Bonnet, visit our website, www.kraddlekare.com to pick up your new Kraddle Kap.

Happy School Year!




Kraddle Kare Krew

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