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The Newborn Baby Bonnets has arrived!!!!! This is the PERFECT item for a baby shower gift or any NEW baby during the immediate postpartum phase. These KUTE little bonnets are for babies from 0- 4 weeks of age.

BONNET DESCRIPTION: The Double-Sided Infancy Collection (SATIN LINED) bonnets are available in different colors/prints.

– BABY BLUE – solid color baby blue on the outside and inside. The band is baby blue.
– BABY PURPLE ( Amethyst ) – solid color periwinkle on the outside and inside. The band is Amethyst.
– BABY YELLOW – solid color yellow on the outside and inside. The band is yellow.

AVAILABLE SIZES for this option: The baby size is an XSMALL recommended for babies birth-4 weeks of age.

About the KRADDLE KAP satin hair bonnet: Infant balding is common in all babies and it is generally caused by the friction of cotton fabrics rubbing against baby’s delicate hair. Initially, I only needed a satin bonnet for my daughter but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. After creating the prototype to the Kraddle Kap satin hair bonnet, it was just too KUTE not to share with the world because every mommy needed to know that we can do something about bald spots.

The Kraddle Kap satin hair bonnet is designed specifically for babies and it is available in several sizes to accommodate baby’s rapid growth and brain development. The Kap is constructed of satin and is accompanied by a stretchy band that should fit baby’s head snugly.

HOW TO USE: For best results, we recommend using The Kraddle Kap satin hair bonnet anytime your baby is lying down. However, it can be used as much or as little as you want. Ensure that the band fits your baby’s head snugly each use.

HOW TO WASH: our bonnets are machine washable and dryer safe. Do not bleach and do not wash with zippers as the satin fabric is prone to snags.

When to REPLACE: You’ll need to replace your bonnet as your baby grows, the band become tight, and the Kraddle Kap no longer fits.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Please contact us asap for returns and exchanges. We are happy to accept your return/exchange in its original condition. We allow one free exchange where you are not charged for shipping fees.

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We know that smart mommies like you prefer options, so we have made available two bonnet options. Our single layer bonnets are perfect for introducing you and your baby to a bonnet. It is light weight, soft, breathable and an excellent barrier between your baby’s hair and cotton fabrics. Our double sided/reversable bonnets are a double layer of satin which provide an additional layer of protection. It is also light weight, soft and an excellent choice for hair protection. Either options will produce noticeable results in the health and protection of your baby’s hair. Routine use of a Kraddle Kap satin bonnet will benefit in moisture retention which should aide in hair health and growth. Healthy hair starts with Kraddle Kare®!


How does a satin bonnet protect hair?

Cotton is a primary fiber used for fabric in many of our everyday baby necessities (e.g., sheets, pillowcases, hats, car seats, highchairs and more). Cotton is very beneficial most of the time but when it comes to hair and skin satin is most beneficial. A satin hair bonnet is the perfect hair protection because of its smooth soft texture. By allowing your baby to wear a satin hair bonnet by Kraddle Kare you will be aiding in the health, protection, and maintenance of their soft delicate hair.

Satin bonnets by Kraddle Kare® can also be worn while your child is in the car seat, highchair, or in loving arms.

We only recommend satin bonnets by Kraddle Kare® because they are size specific just for babies.

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Baby Blue, Baby Purple, Baby Yellow, Baby Gray, Baby Pink, Baby Green


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