Kraddle Kap satin bonnet Features

Hey Family & Friends,

We receive several inquiries about the stretchy band on the Kraddle Kap satin bonnet. So, here ya go!

The Kraddle Kap satin bonnet has a few special features on the band.

1. The band is smooth… a. The poly-spandex band is smooth and fits flat around the baby’s head. This feature allows your baby’s edges to be on fleek.

2. The band has ear spaces… a. The ear rises fits just above the ear. This feature allows extra space for the bonnet to fit comfortably above the baby’s ears.

3. The band has a seam… a. We put the seam at the nape of the neck. This feature makes the bonnet more comfortable. We also placed the size label on the inside of this area. So just like your clothing, put the tag in the back.

Kraddle Kare Satin Bonnet

Kraddle Kare Satin Bonnet

Kraddle Kare Satin Bonnet

We hope this information is well received and please continue to share your Kraddle Kap pictures with us on IG (@kraddlekare) & FB (Kraddle Kare).


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